Leicester County Show 2017Heavy Horse Schedule for the Leicestershire County Show
Saturday 26th August 2017


Entries can be submitted online at www.myridinglife.com or by post, accompanied by a cheque payable to ‘Leicestershire Agricultural Society’, to the following address:

Equine Secretary 3 West Hill Codnor Ripley Derby DE5 9RX

Telephone: 07825 705992
Email: equinelcs@gmail.com

Please either include a C5 SAE for your back numbers and passes or add £0.75 to your entry.

Closing date for POSTAL entries 21st July 2017
Closing date for ON-LINE entries 6th August 2017

Entry Fees

Classes 1 to 10 and 12 to 14 -­‐ £10.00
Class 11 (Young Handler) -­‐ Free First aid -­‐ £3 per competitor

No entries on the day

Wristbands and Pass allocation


Competitor’s/Exhibitor’s Wristbands and vehicle passes will be sent out prior to

the Show and are allocated as follows
1 Horse – 2 wristbands

2 Horses – 3 wristbands

3 Horses – 4 Wristbands

4 or more Horses – 6 Wristbands
Entry to show ground via the Horse Gate requires a wristband. Entry will be

refused without a wristband unless under 14 yrs old.
Additional wristbands can be purchased with entries at the reduced rate of £5.00.

14 yrs and under are free. Wristbands on the day are £10.00


Prize Money



1st – £40.00

2nd – £30.00

3rd – £20.00

4th– £10.00


Rosettes to 4th place in all classes

All prize money must be collected from the Equine Secretary’s Tent on the day

of the show – not before 11.00 am. Prize cards will be awarded in the ring, no

prize money will be handed over without the correct prize card.

(any prize money not collected will be deemed to be a donation to the Show)

Back Numbers and Vehicle Passes

Back numbers and passes will be sent out prior to the show, if you have not

received these by 20th August please contact the secretary.


1. The submission of any entries via the online system or by post signifies acceptance of all Leicestershire County Show and Leicestershire Agricultural Society rules and conditions.
2. All entries must be accompanied by the full payment.
3. Any payment that has to be represented to the bank for whatever reason will be subjected to a £25.00 administration fee for each occasion.
4. No entries will be accepted after the catalogue has gone to print
5. Leicestershire County Show reserve the right to cancel any class or section without being required to assign reason or being liable for any compensation. In these circumstances entry fees will be refunded.
6. Leicestershire County Show reserve the right to amend/amalgamate or split classes and or sections if they deem fit.
7. No entry fees will be refunded after the closing date except on production of a relevant doctor’s/veterinary certificate.
8. Entries for affiliated classes or qualifiers will also be bound by the Rules and Conditions in force at the time of showing applicable to that Association and the class in which they are exhibiting. It is deemed by Leicestershire County Show that Competitors/Exhibitors are conversant with any such rules, conditions or directives.
9. Persons are admitted to the Showground at their own risk and whilst every endeavour is taken to ensure their safety, Leicestershire County Show will not (save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Leicestershire County Show, its servants or agents) be responsible for personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise) loss of or damage to property and any other loss, damage, costs and expenses however caused.
10. It is the responsibility of Competitors/Exhibitors to insure all property and livestock on the Showground for which he/she is responsible has the appropriate insurance including public liability.
11. There are Horse walks in operation, no trotting or cantering is allowed. All horses and ponies, ridden and in-­‐ hand MUST keep within these designated routes. Competitors/Exhibitors, grooms and other associated persons must comply with any instructions from Officials, Stewards or signage around the Showground.
12. Collecting rings are not to be used for warming/exercising of horses/ponies.
13. All Competitors/Exhibitors are expected to comply with Horse Passport legislation and bring the appropriate documentation with them to the Show and to be responsible for the documentation at all times. Spot checks may be carried out.
14. All Competitors/Exhibitors are required to ensure that all animals that enter the showground are fit and well. If anyone has reason to believe that an animal is unfit, please report this to a show official.
15. Warming up areas and designated exercise areas are provided, Competitors/Exhibitors must ensure that these are used appropriately. Warming up/exercising outside of these areas is strictly prohibited.
16. Competitor/Exhibitor numbers must be worn/clearly displayed at all times whilst mounted. Competitors/Exhibitors must enter the ring wearing/displaying the correct rider/handler/exhibit combination number
17. Horses/ponies must enter and leave the ring at walk.
18. All ridden animals must be four years old and over, the age of the animal will be calculated at the 1st of January in the year of its birth.
19. It is expected that all Competitors/Exhibitors enter their horse/pony for the appropriate classes, this includes height restricted classes.
20. It is the responsibility of the Competitor/Exhibitor to present themselves on time for their class at the entrance to the ring.
21. Leicestershire County Show will do all it can to facilitate the smooth running of classes enabling Competitors/Exhibitors to compete in all their entered classes. However, classes may clash, if this occurs Competitors/Exhibitors must nominate in which class they wish to compete.
22. The Judges’ decision is final. Any objection must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the end of the class with a deposit of £50.00 in cash, (to be forfeited if the objection is overruled). This must be taken the secretary’s tent.
23. Leicestershire County Show reserve the right to substitute other Judges for those announced in the Schedule or Catalogue for any who may be unavoidably prevented from attending. All entries are accepted on this understanding and no refund of entry fees can be made where a substitute is necessary. Where possible, any amendments to the Schedule will be posted on the Facebook Page and website www.leicestershirecountyshow.co.uk
24. It is a requirement of the show that all Competitors/Exhibitors under the age of 18 years wear a correctly secured current British Standard (or above) Skull Cap/Riding Hat whilst mounted and when competing in Show Jumping and the jump phase of working hunter classes. All Competitors/Exhibitors under the age of 14 years old whether mounted or leading a Horse/Pony MUST wear a correctly secured current British Standard (or above) Skull Cap/Riding Hat. Leicestershire County Show strongly recommends that all other Competitors/Exhibitors wear a correctly secured current British Standard (or above) Skull Cap/Riding Hat whilst mounted. Anyone not following this recommendation do so at their own risk and Leicestershire County Show accept no liability.
25. Any horse/pony, which is not under the complete control of a competent rider/handler or in any way constitutes a danger, will be asked to leave the Showground.
26. Body Protectors may be worn and are recommended whilst competing in Working Hunter and Show Jumping
27. Stallions and Colts must be adequately bitted, handlers must be aged 14 years old or over
28. Foals must be at least 3 weeks old on the day of the show.
29. Any suitable bit is acceptable in all classes, unless otherwise stated.
30. Boots (including over-­‐reach boots) are permissible in the Jumping phase of any Working Hunter/ Show Jumping competitions but they must be removed before the conformation phase. At no other time is a change of tack permitted.
31. Anyone found mistreating a pony or horse may be asked to leave the Showground and may be refused entry in future.
32. Show canes or whips to be no longer than 75 cms/30 inches, with the exception of side saddle classes.
33. Spurs are not permitted in any pony classes.
34. Dogs must be kept on a short lead and under control at all times whilst on the showground. Please ensure you clean up after your dogs.
35. Please do not leave litter.
36. A fall of horse or rider while mounted in any class will result in disqualification and they MUST leave the ring dismounted. If an animal gets loose from its handler whilst in the ring it will also result in disqualification.
37. No Competitor/Exhibitor will be permitted to enter the class once the gate is closed and the horses/ponies have been asked to trot. Exhibits may not leave the ring without prior permission from the Judge
38. Any Competitor/Exhibitor not complying with any of the rules of the Show can be disqualified.
39. Use of mobile phones in judging rings is prohibited.
40. Competitors/Exhibitors may not knowingly exhibit a horse/pony that has been bred, sold, leased, produced, broken, ridden or trained by the Judge and/or his/her immediate family or his/her employer or anyone with whom he/she resides with the exception of Show Jumping.
41. Judges will not knowingly judge a horse/pony that has been bred, sold, leased, produced, broken, ridden or trained by them or their immediate family, employer or anyone with whom he/she resides with the exception of Show Jumping.
42. Leicestershire County Show reserve the right to move classes between rings if the need arises. Classes will not start before the time stated in the schedule. Any changes will be announced