Fernie Hunt Situated in the heart of the shires, the Fernie Hunt is the only one of the five Leicestershire hunts to be contained entirely within the county, and can trace its history back to 1853 when the”Billesdon Country” was separated from the rest of the Quorn.

The Fernie Hunt has a very active supporters club which runs a programme of events throughout the year, These include “The Harborough Ride” at Dingley, the “Team Chase”, Hound Racing at Wistow in August and “Hunter Trials” at Illston on the Hill in September. Some of the events are purely social and are not intended to raise funds, others are mainly fund-raisers, not only for the Hunt, but also other good causes. In recent years donationshave been made to local schools, the Air Ambulance and the Hunt Servants’ Benevolent Society.

Leicester County Show 2017 Fernie Hunt